DWI Austin Attorney's are a well-known firm in the United States who also assist with overseas transactions in Europe and Asia.

We have assisted local families and large multinationals with their property transactions since 2005.

We have a strong reputation for due diligence and were awarded as 'the most reliable property lawyer 2008' out of 300 other local law firms throughout the country.

DWI Attorney Austin never fails to provide not just one but more than 50 of highly competitive property lawyers to cater to your property needs.


  • "We have worked with DWI Attorneys on a number of property transactions. As a UK based property trading company many of our US clients have used DWI in the past. We have found them very diligent, helpful and fast in dealing with the property transactions." - Daniel Morgan PropertyCashBuyers.com

  • "Thank you so much to DWI Attorney Austin! I just bought a property with their assistance. I could not have got through all the requirements and compiled all the paperwork on my own. They quickly guided me through what I needed to do. I couldn't have done it without them!"
    Danna Skinner, JVI Investments

  •  "I am an investor in the real estate industry. I work closely with DWI Attorney Austin with each property I purchase because I trust them to always do a great job."
    - Ted Stinson , Legen-dary Brewery